Wavemaker 6 Photo and Description

Modules from top to bottom:

652 Dual Voice Subsystem
unknown module
654 Control Array
658 Digital Sequencer
653 Dual Voice Keyboard Controller

Description from a 1980 press release:

New Wavemakers

WAVEMAKERS announces the WAVEMAKER 6 synthesizers and the WAVEMAKER 600 series synthesizer sub systems and accessories. The Wavemaker 6 is available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 voice configurations and is made up of the following 600 series sub systems:

The 652 Dual Voice Sub System supplies all of the functions needed to create and shape a sound including 2 VCOs each with 2 voltage controlled waveform mixes providing unusually strong timbral variations, 2 continuously variable multi mode voltage controlled filter amps, 2 AR contour generators with variable sustain and self triggering modes, and an FM generator of exceptionally wide range (.05 2khz, more with control), multi waveform output and voltage controlled level.

The 654 Control Array includes an 8 step analog sequencer, sample and hold with percentage variable trigger delay, a four quadrant joy stick controller which attenuates input control voltages as well as offsets four DC control voltages, 2 delayed ADSR envelope generators with internal or direct control modes, a lag processor, and finally, four Control Buss groupings for routing the systems controls.

Keyboards in this series begin with the 653 Dual Keyboard Controller with 2 independent voice controllers, each with independent portamento, pressure sensitive pitch bend and variable scaling (1V / 8va by switch). 4, 6 and 8 voice keyboards are also available.

The 658 Digital Sequencer, like the other subsystems in the 600 series, is available as an accessory or as part of a Wavemaker 6 synthesizer. The 658 offers unprecedented programmed control to the synthesizer. It is the first digital sequencer available with a standard non volatile memory. It is fully editable, has numerous external command and control functions and will memorize up to 32 different sequences including rhythmic variation:.

Complete systems are available from $1750, and are available from local consultants. For more information, contact: Wavemakers, Box 27, Edmonds, WA 98020, (206) 542-8041.