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Wavemakers Systems for Performers: Rack Series  

Wavemakers 858 Series Mixing System


105/106 Oscillator B

108 Oscillator A

147 Process Array

152 Phase Shifter

201 Dual VCO 

206R Dual Reverberation rack

218 Multifunction Filter

226 Balanced Modulator

234 Stereo Power Amp rack

238 Dual Envelope Generator

245 Quad VCA

255R Dual Phase Shifter rack  

258 Dual Input Module (for 858 mixer)

265 Dynamic Shaper

269 F:V:F Translator

308 Triple Bandpass VCF

444 Dual Envelope Generator and Step Voltage Source 

447 Dynamic Output System and 258-7E (758E) Normalizing Equalizers (for 858 mixer)

652 Dual Voice Subsystem  

653 Dual Voice Keyboard Controller and 658 Digital Sequencer

658 Table Top Digital Sequencer   

718 Sequencer with slave modules

822 Integrated Processing System 

824R Integrated Processing System rack (1st version)

 847 Quad Control System rack